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Stay Safe: How to Prepare for a Hurricane in the USVI

As we all know hurricane season is here. Taking some precautions before a storm hits your area can help you and your loved ones be better prepared for whatever mother nature throws your way. The following is a guide of the steps you should take to prepare for a tropical storm or hurricane in your area.

Know where to get your information

Making a plan ahead of time can help you stay on track during a storm. Knowing where to go in an emergency and how to contact your loved ones who are not with you can be a great help during the storm.

- Look up your local hurricane shelters

Announced as the storm gets closer

- Make a family communication plan

- Know where to get information during an emergency.

AM radio 1340 will have storm tracking information for St Thomas / St Croix

The Weather Channel

Prepare your home

- Move debris :

Hurricanes can knock loose tree branches down and move any furniture that is not safely tied down. Get anything you do not want flying towards your house out of the way!

- Close storm shutters or board up windows

- If you have a covered place to put your car store it there

- Unplug appliances and electronics before the storm... DO NOT DO THIS DURING THE STORM!

- Get an AM battery radio to listen to updates on the storm

Make a "Go-bag"

If you and your family are able to evacuate or decide to move to a shelter a "go-bag" with a few basic / important items. Below are a few suggested things for your "go-bag".

- Important documents

-A week or 2 worth of cash.

After a storm some stores will not be able to take major credit cards if the power still is down. Having cash will insure you can still get the goods you need.

- Prescription Medication

- Basic over the counter medicine

- Flashlight

- Batteries

- Charger

- First Aid Kit

- Sanitation and hygiene items

- Basic food (nutrition bars)

- Water

Gather important supplies for your home

If you plan on staying in your home during a storm make sure you have the right supplies to prepare you for the worst.

- 2 Weeks worth of water per person.

Water during a storm is used for drinking, meal prep and sanitation purposes. If you have elderly people or babies in your home you may need extra water

- Prescription Medicine

Make sure all of your prescriptions are full. You may not be able to get to a pharmacy during the storm

-Over the counter medication

Anti-diarrhea medication, Antacid, Aspirin, Laxative

- 1 week worth of non perishable food

Remember you may not be able to keep food cold or cook for a while. Make sure you have food that can keep good and be easily prepared. Dried fruit, peanut butter and jelly, coffee, tea, soft drinks and pet foods. (Do not forget a can opener!)

- Can opener

- Pet food

- Flashlights and batteries

-Candles and matches

Make sure your pets have enough supplies to get through 1-2 weeks

- 2 Weeks of baby supplies (If you have an infant)

- Vitamins and Pedialyte

- Plastic storage containers

- Sanitation products

- Cleaning supplies

- Mosquito repellent

- Bucket and Towels

- Rain gear

- Sturdy Boots

- AM Radio

- Entertainment

- Fire extinguisher

- Tools

- Duct tape

- Rope

Stay Safe!

We urge you to use your best judgement to stay safe during hurricanes. We hope this guide helps you prepare for storms this hurricane season. We are handing out hurricane preparedness guides at all St Thomas Doctors Choice Locations and discounting some of the important items your can use to prepare.

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